My grandfather Björn Holmström worked as a ceramic engineer at the Gefle Porcelain-manufacture started by him and his father Gustaf Holmström in 1912.

Loading of the bisque-owen at the Gefle factory in 1912 Cupper-printing employed a lot of females for the decoration of the ware

Bobergs Faianze-manufacture in Gefle where my mothers father and brothers where partners – that inheritance didn´t leave me with much of a career-choice.

My first Bourry-box kiln was built in 1986
Bourry-box 1

My Bourry-box kiln #2 at high fire

More examples of Bourry-box kilns that I have erected around the country during the years;

In the Aquagama I will further explore the effects of water in the kiln atmosphere

Fire & Water . . .

The Bourry-box Kilns/Nisse Holmstrom

Bourry-box Firing

project Aquagama