“Body of clay – Soul of fire” 

”Working with stoneware and porcelain in woodfired kilns giving the elements involved the time to react and interact in the creation of surfaces reminiscent of archeological treasures.  It´s all about centering; in poetry, pottery and the person and the message is a comment on the jorney of life – our jorney through life and history. It´s about us, the now living but also about our ancestors who have worked under that glowing point that demarcates a life span from one darkness to the other – the inevitable. In humble admiration of those that have walked or travelled through life – the vessels becomes a metaphor for the jorney, a shelter, a grave . . .

Woodfired stoneware/bronze/wood


Brunnbäcks Herrgård

ScanCeram 2010

Nossebro Konstförening

Exhibition in the Gothenburg archipelago